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  Khalid El-BASTRIOUI Born1985 in al-Hoceima. Graduated from the INBA, Tetouan, in 2010. Lives and works in Tangier. Khalid El-Bastrioui continues to explore the interfaces between contemporary art and Design, the applied object and the  subverted  object. Taking inspiration from his travels and encounters, wich he “documents” as it were, through his work and his nomadic aesthetic, he uses materials close to their natural state or those of local craft production, whether it be pottery, street trade or the stools used by boot polishers - a social metaphor for a two-tier world. In spite of his interest in the modernist aspects of Design ( sculpting light. rearraging volumes and giving from to function), he is nonetheless involved in social and utopian potentialities through his Work setting up collective creativity zones and workshops all ages. Selected exhibitions :  « open studio Madrid » madrid 2019 « Etat d'Urgence d'Instants Poétiques  » 2019 Rabat, « Iconographie de l

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